200 Paris Avenue, Northvale, NJ 07647, USA

In the Press


Industrial Rivet & Fastener Unveils the Next Generation In Riveting Technology
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – October 8, 2015

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Employees Run and Walk For a Cause
In the 27th Annual Women’s Distance Festival 5K
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – July 30, 2014

The Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Family Continues To Grow
Taryn Goodman named Vice President of Finance
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – June 11, 2014

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. Continues Global Expansion
RivetKingT Offers Fully Operational Warehouses and Sales Offices Across Europe,
Asia and North America
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 16, 2013

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Announces ISO 9001:2008 Recertification
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – July 8, 2013

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Launches www.rivetwear.com
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – July 17, 2012

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Celebrates a Century of Success
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – April 13, 2012

William D. Hylwa – In Memoriam
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – September 28, 2011
(70K PDF file)

Joanne Goodman Sherman Named 2010/2011 NAPW Professional Woman of the Year
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – September 9, 2011

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Produces Semi Tubular Rivets and Automated Setting Solutions in High Volume
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 10, 2011

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Opens Distribution Facility In Japan
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 3, 2011

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. Introduces KingSetT Riveting System
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – March 8, 2011

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. Enjoys Success at The National Industrial Fastener Show in Las Vegas NORTHVALE, New Jersey – November 29, 2010

The RivetKing? E-Tab Rivet
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – November 1, 2010

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Names Jim Howard To Manage Its North Carolina Distribution Center
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – October 4, 2010

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Announces Plans for a 9th U.S. Distribution Center
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – September 28, 2010

The RivetKing? Multigrip Locker Rivet
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 20, 2010

RIVET KING? Acquisition Corp. Announces the Completion of the Asset Purchase of
Celus Fasteners Mfg., Inc. and Techform Fasteners Mfg., Inc.
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – March 12, 2009

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